Detox Diet and Allergen Free Diet

Detox Diet TampaUnlike the diets maintained by early humans, today’s food choices may be tainted with pesticides, preservatives, additives, and other chemical toxins that harm the body. Even previously healthy foods like wheat are now grown and produced using methods that cause the body to reject them. This means it is very possible that your health problems like migraines, chronic inflammation, fatigue, aching joints, and even weight gain can be attributed to certain foods in your normal diet.

Hermann Weight Loss offers a Detox Diet plan and Allergen-Free Diet plan to help you determine if any of your symptoms are related to a specific food. A Detox Diet not only supports weight loss, but also helps you feel better and finally escape the health problems that have been plaguing you for months or even years.

Components of the Detox Diet

Dr. Hermann and her team at Hermann Weight Loss will guide you through your Detox Diet. Over the first three or four weeks, we will work to remove all potential reaction-causing foods from your diet. These types of foods usually include wheat, dairy, sugar, and alcohol, which all cause inflammation and hunger cravings. You should notice dramatic changes to your health and wellness over the next three weeks; many patients even experience problems solved that they didn’t know they had!

Since the Detox Diet emphasizes food choices over calorie counting, this diet plan is best utilized by people who want to improve the way they feel and eliminate bothersome health problems using strategic food choices. Weight loss is typically a benefit of the Detox Diet, but may not be as dramatic as with Optifast or the HCG Diet.

For true, lasting relief from health conditions like migraines, fatigue, and inflammation without relying upon medications, call Hermann Weight Loss today to learn more about the Detox Diet and how it can transform your overall wellness.

*Individual Results May Vary