OPTIFAST® Full Meal Replacement

Optifast is a weight management program that includes meal replacement shakes, lifestyle education, counseling, and personalized support as you make your way through your weight loss journey. There are two forms of the Optifast program, Optifast Full Meal Replacement and Optifast Supplements Plus One Meal Per Day. As a board certified nutritionist, Dr. Hermann knows well the dramatic results that the physician supervised Optifast Full Meal Replacement Program can provide to people seeking to safely and sustainably lose a significant amount of weight.

Components of the Optifast Full Meal Replacement Program

Optifast begins when a team member at Hermann Weight Loss determines how many calories you should consume in order to achieve your ideal weight loss goals. This caloric intake is designed to still provide your body with balanced nutrition and energy so your weight loss journey doesn’t make you feel lethargic or unwell.

Since Optifast is the only medical meal replacement approved for people to use exclusively for three months or more, the program must be medically supervised with EKG and lab testing every few weeks.The first phase, Active Weight Loss, requires a full meal replacement diet consisting entirely of Optifast products: specially formulated shakes, soups, and bars. This lasts about 12 weeks, until Dr. Hermann feels you are ready for a one to two month transition into a maintenance program. The Transition phase allows the gradual incorporation of regular food, and Long-Term Weight Maintenance involves making wise food choices to keep the weight off.

As soon as you begin the Optifast program, you can expect to lose between two and seven pounds per week, and most Optifast patients lose an average of 52 pounds in 22 weeks. You’ll enjoy regular support from the team at Hermann Weight Loss. As you watch the weight fall off and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between your body and your lifestyle choices, you’ll be well on your way to lasting weight loss.

Optifast Advantages

Optifast is a thoroughly studied medically-supervised diet program that has helped more than one million people since its inception in 1974. Since it replaces all nutrients, amino acids, and essential fats needed by the body, you can eat strictly Optifast meal replacement foods and still feel lively, vibrant, and energized. The medical supervision required with Optifast also lends to the program’s success, as your time with Dr. Hermann will help you address and modify behaviors for long-term successful weight loss and management.

Furthermore, Optifast has a tendency to improve your overall health, since it strips away unhealthy foods and replaces them with carefully measured nutrition. Many people on the Optifast program enjoy lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and feeling fitter and leaner helps them build a desire to exercise and enjoy an active lifestyle. Finally, Optifast is convenient and simple. The meal replacement options are straight-forward, and the system is far easier and less risky to incorporate into your lifestyle than weight loss surgery. Since Optifast is not available on the retail market, contact Hermann Weight Loss today to begin your weight loss journey with Optifast.