OPTIFAST®Supplements + One Meal

Optifast is a weight management program that includes meal replacement shakes, lifestyle education, counseling, and personalized support as you make changes in order to lose weight and regain your health. There are two forms of the Optifast program: Optifast Full Meal Replacement and Optifast Supplements Plus One Meal Per Day. As a board certified nutritionist, Dr. Hermann knows well that the Optifast Supplements Plus One Meal Per Day program is the perfect choice for men and women eager to lose weight without adopting a more intense full meal replacement program.

Components of the Optifast Program

Optifast begins when a team member at Hermann Weight Loss determines how many calories you should consume in order to achieve your ideal weight loss goals. This caloric intake is designed to still provide your body with balanced nutrition and energy so your weight loss journey doesn’t make you feel lethargic or unwell.

You will work with Hermann Weight Loss to select three Optifast supplements you want to use to replace regular meals. Choices include soups, shakes, and bars. You will also have the freedom to eat one meal a day that is not in the Optifast program. A dietitian will provide nutrition counseling to help you craft healthy, nourishing meals that support your Optifast program. Each non-Optifast meal will be low-calorie and nutrient-dense, and special considerations will be taken to accommodate any health issues you may have, like diabetes or hypertension.

In general, you can expect your non-Optifast meal to contain a large quantity non-starchy vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli since they are low in calories but high in fiber and nutrients. You’ll pair your veggies with a lean protein such as chicken breast, 98 percent lean ground turkey breast, tofu, or legumes and beans.

As soon as you begin the Optifast program, you’ll enjoy regular support from the team at Hermann Weight Loss. You will visit Hermann Weight Loss every week for body measurements, lifestyle education, and check-ins with Dr. Hermann. As you watch the weight fall off and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between your body and your lifestyle choices, you’ll be well on your way to lasting weight loss.

Optifast Advantages

Optifast is a thoroughly studied medically-supervised diet program that has helped more than one million people since its inception in 1974. Since it offers meal replacement, medical supervision, lifestyle education, counseling, and ongoing personalized support, it is the best program available to address all aspects of weight loss. With the help of Optifast and Hermann Weight Loss, you can finally lose the weight and keep it off for good.