Weight Loss Packages (Best value!)

$299 for first month of weight loss, includes four visits, EKG, MIC-B
$399 for first month of HCG includes four visits, HCG, EKG, MIC-B

Follow-up months for weight loss $199, four visits with MIC B
Follow-up months for HCG $199, four visits, MIC-B, HCG

Individual visits:

$280 initial doctor visit and EKG and MIC B
$140 follow-up doctor visit

$40 Medical assistant visit with MIC B

Optifast averages $125 per week for full liquid diet
Optifast averages $75 per week for optifast with one meal per day

We write for prescriptions and you take them to a pharmacy to get filled. These fees do not include lab work or the cost of prescriptions.