Teen Weight Loss with Optifast

Tampa Teen Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics in America, but it isn’t just adults who are in danger. Nearly 20 percent of adolescents aged 12-19 are obese, meaning they have a BMI over 30. This rate has tripled in the last 30 years, placing teens at increased risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, sleep apnea, and other dangerous conditions. Hermann Weight Loss offers the Optifast for Teens program in order to help teens reach and maintain a healthy weight by changing and adopting healthier lifelong behaviors.

Optifast is the leading medically supervised weight management program for adults, and it also serves teens needing to achieve and maintain weight loss. Since weight loss requires more than smart food choices alone, Dr. Hermann and her team at Hermann Weight Loss take the multiple factors that cause teen obesity into consideration. In this way, Optifast for Teens addresses the unique nutritional, medical, psychological, and behavioral needs of obese teens.

Components of the Optifast for Teens Program

Adolescents who team up with Hermann Weight Loss to complete the Optifast for Teens program will benefit from a comprehensive three to six month plan. Each month, Dr. Hermann and her team will work with your teen to focus on behavior changes, set goals, provide nutritional and activity counseling, and use stimuli to narrow food cravings and caloric intake. This medically supervised weight loss plan allows teens to benefit from the strong support system at Hermann Weight Loss, helping to ensure that healthy, constructive habits pave the way to sustainable weight loss.

The Optifast meal replacement items utilized in the teen program provide room for more calories than the adult Optifast and even include bonus items such as bars, shakes, soups, and a meal of the day. Clinical studies have proven time and time again that Optifast for Teens can safely and effectively help obese adolescents lose weight and maintain that progress for the long-term. Dr. Hermann is eager to help you or your teenage son or daughter make the transition from obese to healthy, so give us a call today to learn more about Optifast for Teens!

*Individual Results May Vary